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Communion Instructions

The Diaconate Chair (or other deacon assigned) should contact the other members of the team during the week preceding communion to remind them.

The Deacons should arrive by 9:30am and meet before the service to review preparation and serving procedures.

Deacons assigned to:
“Juice”: check the week before to make sure there is grape juice in the sacristy or the kitchen cabinet or refrigerator—and bring a bottle the day of communion if needed.

“Bread”: bring a full loaf of gluten-free bread cut into small pieces, reserving an end piece for pastor to break during communion service.  When cutting the bread, please try to avoid cross-contamination by using a knife and cutting board that are clean of food that might contain gluten.

Retrieve the communion service from the lower corner cabinet:

  • Four trays of communion cups
  • Four plates, doilies and a linen napkin for bread
  • Blue ceramic chalice, silver pitcher
  • A tray of communion cups and “Give us this Day” plate for serving the choir
  • Two cup fillers (may be in cabinet in the kitchen)
  • Fill the cups.
  • Arrange the bread cubes on 5 plates (4 for congregation; 1 for choir).
  • Pour a small amount of juice in the pitcher and in the ceramic chalice.
  • If it hasn’t already been done, turn the communion table so that the writing faces the congregation.
  • Place the chalice, pitcher, and small plate with whole piece of bread in the center of the table
  • Place the trays and plates on the sides of the table.

All 4 deacons serve communion:

  • When the children are called up for the Children’s Moment, deacons follow the children to the front of the sanctuary and continue up to the seats on the chancel.
  • When the pastor says “The gifts of God for the People of God, Come for all things are ready,” stand in unison and move to the sides of the communion table. Two deacons on each side of the communion table.
  • After the pastor has given all of the deacons a tray (or plate), turn and serve the congregation. One deacons should also take a tray for the choir.

One deacon should be in each row next to the pews. Each pair of deacons on one in one section should wait for each other, row by row.

  • If one side finishes before the other, feel free to begin serving the incomplete side from the back.
  • Regroup in the rear of the church and walk up the aisle to the communion table. The pastor will take a plate from each deacon and return it to the table. The pastor will serve each deacon with the final plate.  The last deacon served (or the Student Minister) will take the plate to serve the pastor.   Remain standing to each side of the table (2 per side) so that the congregation can see the pastor.
  • After everyone eats the bread, the pastor will hand deacons the trays of juice. Repeat the previous serving instructions above. This time after taking the juice, place your empty cup on the communion table and be seated in the seats on the chancel.
  • Return to their pews in the congregation after the Lord’s Prayer.


  • Clean up: collect materials from communion table and turn it back around.
  • Collect cups from the pews (including the choir area).
  • Wipe the silver with a paper towel;
  • Place cups in the dishwasher cup holder (with the legs up)
  • Please do not discard the unused bread and juice (juice is to be poured into cups and bread is to be cut into slices or cubes and then placed on the coffee table for all to partake; any remaining bread should be scattered on the church lawn for birds).
Communion Instructions
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