Christmas Eve Service and Lighting Logistics

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Requires 3-5 Deacons or volunteers

Light locations

  • Main sanctuary
    • Light switches are in the choir loft in the back right corner
      • The lights are dimmed by the use of a wheel behind a door  in the wall to the right of the switches
    • Choir loft
      • Three toggle switches next to main sanctuary lights.
      • Side area switches are by each set of stairs.
    • Chancel area
      • Switches are in the parlor by the Church St. side door. There are flood lights and spotlights for the cross and back wall, and side lights.
    • Parlor lights
      • Located outside of the parlor doors, next to the office entrance

Before the Musical Prelude (7:00 PM)

  • Get large basket of small candles in drip prevention cups from sacristy cabinets.
  • Make sure offering plates are by the chancel

Please do not put out white chairs unless they are needed.  Try to fill the pews first.

Lights before service

  • Dim main sanctuary lights
  • Turn off most  parlor lights
  • Turn off lights by
    • Back Church Rd. door
    • Sacristy (on choir loft wall)
    • Music Room
    • Outreach Bulletin Board
    • Hallway by Parlor Kitchen (leave on lights in restrooms, and parlor kitchen so corridor can be navigated safely)
  • Ushers/ Deacons give out candles and bulletins as people  enter  sanctuary

When choir is ready to process (7:30 PM)

  • Dim lights in sanctuary – all parlor and hallway lights should be off
  • Turn off the lights over the choir pews, (leave the left side areas lit?)
  • Dim chancel lights with the Church St. switches – the white light on the cross will remain lit
  • Choir will sing and process, then Pastoral staff will light the Advent wreath
  • Turn up lights when the opening Carol begins (“O Come, All Ye Faithful”)

Silent Night

  • After the pastor explains the logistics, a candle will be lit off of the Advent wreath.
  • The pastor will pass the flame to two ministers OR deacons
  • Deacons/ministers proceed down the center aisle lighting the candles of the congregation. The pastor or another minister will light the candles for the choir.
  • The lights in the sanctuary are dimmed at the same pace as which the congregation’s candles are lit. Turn off the lights over the choir pews, (leave the side areas lit?)
  • Make sure that the lights in the parlor and hallway are turned off.

After Silent Night ends, slowly bring up the lights to half way. Turn on lights in hallway by parlor kitchen.

Christmas Eve Service and Lighting Logistics