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At MCC, we call our Sunday Morning Programming Faith Exploration because we believe what happens at church is different than what happens at school. It is important to not just read the Bible, but to learn the stories within historical contexts, discover the meaning in ancient words for our lives today, and explore our individual understanding of faith.

In order to ensure inclusiveness, please fill out a registration form for your child, which can be found here.

During the program year, all ages begin worship together in the sanctuary. After the children’s moment, PreK-5th children are invited for a time of continued worship together. Here, children learn and are exposed to common liturgical elements such as offering, prayer, song, and Scripture. The children then break up in to age-specific groups to experience a rotation model style of learning and engagement.

The Rotation Model is a fun, exciting way to get children to want to come to church, and also helps children learn and remember bible lessons. Every child has a different learning style, and the Rotation Model uses multiple experiential learning styles to teach the Bible lessons through story, service, cooking, science, art, games, and musical theatre. Repetition of the Bible lesson at the different activity stations also allows for higher retention of the story.

After the children’s moment, the 6th-8th grade class heads down to their own classroom where they explore the same story as the young children, but do so with current popular movies and TV shows.

High School youth are invited to hear the sermon then gather in the Youth Group room to discuss what they’ve heard.

We always welcome teachers to discover with us each week. There is no prep required for the lessons!

For more detailed information about our programming, please contact us.

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