December 10, 2015 – As religious leaders in Sudbury, we join our voices together to address anti-Muslim sentiments recently reported by the media. We condemn in the strongest terms any calls to deny all Muslims entry into the United States or to incite violence or harm against our Muslim family, friends, and neighbors.

Religious freedom is at the core of who we are as a nation. Religious tests should never be required for anyone looking to be a part of our community. Generations of immigrants have sought refuge from religious persecution on our shores; our union is strongest because of the diversity allowed by religious freedom.

Any attacks on Muslims or any other religious or ethnic group is an attack on every one of us and the principles of our relationship together. We invite other leaders and all people of good will to join us in speaking out and standing up against such divisive rhetoric.

The Sudbury Clergy Association is a gathering of religious professionals who serve faith communities in Sudbury. We meet monthly. We speak, pray, and live rooted solidly within our respective traditions, in our meetings with one another as well as in public worship. At the same time, we seek ways to serve one another, our congregations, this community, while striving together for the greater good.



Mr. Matt Crane

Rev. Jack Clark

Rabbi Lisa Eiduson

Rev. Richard M. Erikson, Ph.D.

Rev. Joel Guillemette

Rev. Thomas A. Kopp

Rev. Don Larsen

Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty

Rev. Tom O’Brien

Rev. Rick Otty

Ms. Mary Peterson

Rabbi David Thomas

Rev. Barbara Williamson

Rev. Gail Wright

Sudbury Clergy Denonuce Rising Islamophobia

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