Frequently Asked Questions about our Youth Music Programs

What are the participation requirements for my child?

  • – MCC Youth Music extravagantly welcomes all children, regardless of religion, gender expression, race, economic means, and membership/affiliation with the church.
  • – All participants are asked to sing or play at a minimum of 2 performances per year during a Sunday 10am service (but hopefully will want to do more!), as well as 1 yearly community fundraising event.
  • – Weekly attendance at rehearsals is ideal, but we understand that schedules change throughout the year, and we encourage and welcome children to join seasonally as they are able!

Is there a fee for choir/instrumental program membership?

  • No! These programs are generously supported by the members of Memorial Congregational Church and are free to all who wish to participate.

What types of songs do the children sing or play? Are they all Christian Songs?

  • We believe that the sacred or uplifting is expressed in many ways through music, and this is reflected in our repertoire. Our elementary, middle, and high school school groups learn simple hymns and spirituals, classical Bach and Beethoven, but also modern songs such as from Imagine Dragons, Anna Kendrick, 21 Pilots, and Pentatonix. Lyrics and content are never preached, but always addressed in a developmentally appropriate, question-based way that includes room for all of the children’s religious views.

If you welcome all religions, what is the purpose of your music programs?

  • As a Christian led organization, the goal of these music groups is to create a community of young musicians who are learning to use their voices as a way of connecting with each other, and with the world around them, while being a positive force for change in the world. Our motto is Our Voices Matter: we believe that what we choose to say, and what and how we choose to sing (or play, for those who use instruments as their voice), are a reflection of who we are and what we want to bring to the world.

How are you different from Community or School Music Programs?

  • Different from a traditional performance-based group, these groups focus on spirit and community first, and are child-driven in content and repertoire. Powerful and deeply connecting music happens from that!

For all other questions, please email the Minister of Youth Music, Rachel Williams at rachel@mccsudbury.org.