It can sometime be scary to enter into a church with traditions different from what we know.  Below we’ve listed some differences and similarities with the Roman Catholic tradition.  If you have questions about another church, please let us know.


While there are many differences between the Catholic church and MCC, you may be surprised at the similarities.

  • We talk about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
  • We read from the Bible.
  • We sing hymns.
  • The Pastor preaches sermons.
  • Yes, we even pass an offering plate.

Some things that may be different from your experience:

  • We all agree to find God on our own terms. Everyone is welcome to develop their own understanding of God.
  • Sermons are acknowledged as the Pastor’s personal reflection and are meant as a conversation starter. It is not expected that everyone will agree with what the Pastor says.
  • The church is governed by the church members.
  • Member churches of the United Church of Christ are autonomous organizations. The UCC is not a governing body, the congregations control their own path.
  • We celebrate two sacraments: baptism and communion.
  • Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month and on special occasions. We use baked bread and grape juice. Everyone is invited to share the meal.