There’s a place for you at
The Twelve Shoppes of Christmas!
Hours and commitment are flexible.

Which one looks best to you?  Most of the Jobs are for work done the week prior to the fair and the day of the Twelve Shoppes, Nov 17. 

Click on the job titles below to find out more and to find a role that works for you.  

Please let Judy Hawkins know where you can help:

What do we do?  Make and sell chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate?
When do we do it?  Chocolates are made at the inter-generational chocolate party with the Youth Group on the Sunday before the Fair. Betsy will make chocolates during the week if more are needed.
What’s required?  Filling molds and decorating small items while sitting and socializing.

What do we do?  Assemble orders in Ames Hall kitchen including food cooked on the grill, soups, desserts.
When do we do it?  On the day of the fair, in 2 hour shifts.
What’s required?  Standing required, fun loving attitude preferred, apron wearing optional.

What do we do?  Cook burgers and hot dogs and serve them to the kitchen.
When do we do it?  On the day of the fair.
What’s required?  Like to Flip Burgers, like the aroma of freshly made McChurch Burgers from the grill, standing outside using gas grills.

What do we do?  Team sorts, cleans, prices, displays and sells hundreds of donated items.
When do we do it?  Sorting, cleaning, pricing – in the weeks and days leading up to the fair; selling – on the day of the fair.
What’s required?  Attention to detail, an eye for fashion, patience during peak selling times and a desire to help buyers select the perfect pieces for wearing or giving.

What do we do?  Sell used adult and children’s books, DVDs and CD’s, and usually puzzles and board games.
When do we do it?  Wednesday night, Thursday, and Friday we create an inviting atmosphere and sort. 
What’s required?  You can help for an hour or all 3 days and/or help staff the Shoppe on Saturday.

What do we do?  Offer gently used furniture.
When do we do it?  Sorting, set up and pricing start Wednesday night; selling on Saturday.
What’s required?  Heavy lifting.

What do we do?  Create an inviting place to sell donated bake goods and price and display them attractively as they arrive.
When do we do it?  Friday and early Saturday.
What’s required?  The Bake Shoppe is fun because people of all ages stop buy all day and you get the first dibs on purchasing the wonderful baked goods. A lot of standing is required.

What do we do?  Display items in Ames Hall, make crafts and refurbish decorations.
When do we do it?  It’s already started!  Help display items and set up for the fair starting Monday before the fair.
What’s required?  A love of crafts and Christmas, an eye for displays.

What do we do?  Sort, display, and sell Ornaments and Holiday gifts.
When do we do it?  Any time from Sunday after church and the day of the fair.
What’s required?  A love of Christmas and an eye for displays.  Standing required.

What do we do?  Selling toys.
When do we do it?  Set up Wednesday, selling Saturday.
What’s required? Do you know how to make young children just have to have a special toy? Could you help parents pick out perfect gifts?

What do we do?  Sorting, pricing and setting up sporting goods.
When do we do it?  Set up Friday afternoon and selling Saturday.
What’s required?  If you enjoy Sports, this could be for you!

What do we do?   We sell everything from the practical (kitchen, Glassware, and inner items for example) to just decorative (including candlesticks, pictures, vases etc.)
When do we do it?  From Sunday through Friday we wade through the donations and sort, group, price and attempt to create helpful displays.
What’s required?  An eye for displays

What do we do?  Sell tickets for our beautiful raffle items.
When do we do it?  Day of the fair.
What’s required?  Sit in front of display and/or walk around the fair selling tickets.

What do we do?  Make apple pies for the Bake Table.
When do we do it?  Saturday, November 3 in Ames Hall.
What’s required?  Hands to peel & slice the apples and other hands to assemble the pies!

What do we do?  A time to get together, socialize and sort items for the fair. We’ll have plenty of laughs. Pizza will be provided.
When do we do it?  Wednesday at 6pm in the church parlor.
What’s required?  Please bring appetizer, salad, dessert or beverage to share.

What do we do?  Empty the attic of items to decorate for the fair, empty the meeting room, storage unit and Bobbi Fisher’s barn of white elephants in preparation for the fair.
When do we do it?  Right after Worship.
What’s required?  Lots of hands are needed. Please wear your work clothes to church and stay after coffee hour to help.

What do we do?  Clean up the church, prepare leftover items for Savers and More Than Words.
When do we do it?  Saturday, 3pm
What’s required?  Everyone is needed to help clean up after the fair. Large vehicles/trucks/trailers.