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The Proposed Narrative Budget for Fiscal Year 2024

Each year Stewardship begins the Pledge Season by creating a “Hope” Budget for the coming year.
This year instead of providing a pie chart, we are using the image of a tree as a way to better show how all the parts of our mission interact with, support, and nurture each other and MCC as a whole. We hope that exploring our Narrative Budget will remind you of the “good fruit” you, your family, and the world has received through the mission of MCC.
But for those of you whole like facts here are some to consider as you view the Narrative Budget.
  • Living out all parts of the mission of MCC is very dependent on our talented staff, which is why their compensation makes up over 60% of the budget.
  • About 25% of the budget provides for the needs of the building where we meet, worship, make music, learn, and gather for meetings; connection; and to live out our faith through actions of purpose and acceptance.
  • The other 15% supports the individual ministries and their needs for materials, communication, technology, etc.
And so, the goals which guided this “Hope” budget are appropriately to honor our staff’s efforts by keeping compensation at least current with inflation, caring for the building that shelters and supports our mission efforts, and funding initiatives proposed by our Ministries. 
Your Stewardship Ministry: Gail Wright, Brian Morrissey, George Connor, Lorraine Davis, and Patty Houpt.