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Narrative Budget for Fiscal Year 2025

“The waters nourished it, the deep made it grow tall, making its rivers flow around the place it was planted, sending forth its streams to all the trees of the field.”Ezekiel 31.4.

United by God, we – the members and friends of MCC – are the drops of water creating a river of Mission that flows and nurtures our world and us.

Our Hopes for 2025

Ø  More ways to share God’s love and our love in and outside of MCC.  

Ø  Growing connection through events and programs that engage our members of all ages and the community.

Ø  Continued stability and fair compensation for our staff. 

Ø  Buildings that enhance and support our mission.


Our budget pays for fair compensation for our staff, maintaining our buildings, and our programs and events.

Proposed Total Expense Budget of $408,076

Purpose: Another Mission Trip, Providing Affordable Housing, Supporting the UCC, Interfaith/Ecumenical Work.

Meaning: Sermons, Funerals, Worship Music: Bells, Organ, Sr. Choir, Youth Music; Bible Study, Maundy Thursday, Pastoral Care.

Connection: Chat Group, Bible Study, Youth Groups, Xmas Bell Concert, Silver Bells Fair, Youth Music Events.

Acceptance: Childcare, Virtual Worship and Meetings, Blue Holiday Service, Xmas Chaos, Pride/ONA efforts, Building Accessibility.