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Staff Member Evaluation Process


The annual evaluation is a formal review of a staff member’s performance over the course of the past year.  It is intended as a forum to evaluate an individual’s skills, behaviors, and impact against the expectations of the role as detailed in the position description.  This process provides an important opportunity to communicate positive and constructive feedback and is the basis for employment and compensation decisions and goal setting for the coming year.

The annual evaluation process also provides a forum for the staff member to communicate feedback regarding the opportunities and challenges they are encountering at Memorial Congregational Church.

The optimal outcome of the evaluation process is a two-way conversation, in which both the staff member and Church are able to celebrate the successes of their joint ministry and discern opportunities for growth and improvement in the coming year.

Supervisor / Committee Responsibility:

  • Each staff member has a “team” conducting their review – please see chart below.
  • This team is responsible for evaluating the staff member, using the evaluation form.
  • The committee should solicit information from all members of the committee, staff members, and other committees/church members with whom the staff member interacts as a part of his/her job function.
  • The staff member should be informed that changes to salary can be discussed and recommendations may be put forth from his/her reviewing committee to Personnel. 
  • The committee is welcome to ask for assistance from the Personnel committee should they so desire it.

 Staff member Responsibility:

  • The staff member conducts a self-evaluation (using the same evaluation form).
  • This provides the staff member an opportunity to consider his/her performance over the past year, potentially acknowledge any areas for development, communicate what s/he perceives to be specific accomplishments, and give some thought to the goals s/he might have for the coming year. 
  • The self-evaluation can be valuable to both staff member and church for the facts it contains and the insight it provides regarding the perception an individual holds of their performance.

The Evaluation:

  • The committee and staff member meet to discuss joint evaluation.
  • Both committee representative and staff member sign and date the form.

Salary Adjustments / Budget Review

  • The committee representative provides to their Personnel Rep any comments regarding changes in salary or hours.
  • Personnel will discuss, consolidate, and present salary and hour adjustment recommendations to the Stewardship Committee for consideration in the upcoming year’s budget.
  • The Stewardship committee discusses the proposed salary increases – they have the right to adjust as they see fit.
    • Stewardship relays their salary decisions back to Personnel
    • Personnel informs the Supervisor/Committee who conducted the review
    • Supervisor / Committee informs the staff member – PRIOR to his/her learning about it from other sources
  • Once new budget is accepted at Annual Meeting, any increases will then take effect.


Our recommendation is:

  • Each committee starts the evaluation process in early January
  •  The goal is to have all evaluation forms completed by the February 15th.
  • Personnel with then meet with Stewardship in early March to provide any suggested salary increases, etc., prior to annual campaign & annual meeting
Position Church Admin Sexton Minister Music Pastor of Youth & Family Pastor
Name Ann
(TBH) Seth Rosenberger Stephanie
Type of Employee Salaried Salaried Salaried Salaried Salaried
Reviews conducted by Note: red indicates lead Supervisor (Pastor) Comm
(Trustees) Supervisor
Comm Chair
(Music) Supervisor
Comm Chair (CE) Supervisor (Pastor) Comm Chair (Diaconate) Supervisor (Church Council Chair)
Personnel Rep Kellie Gerald Kellie Kellie Gerald
Position Bell Ringer Tenor Nursery Teacher Director Youth Choirs  
Name Diane (TBH) Elena Bershak Rachel Williams  
Type of Employee Hourly (Independent Contractor – 1099) Hourly (Independent Contractor – 1099) Hourly (Independent Contractor – 1099) Hourly (Independent Contractor – 1099)  
Reviews conducted by Supervisor (Minister Music) Comm Chair (Music) Supervisor (Minister Music) Comm Chair (Music) Supervisor (Minister Ed) Comm Chair (CE) Supervisor (Minister Music) Comm Chair (Music)  
Personnel Rep Gerald Gerald Gerald Kellie  


Salaried Means:

Paid a set salary at set pay periods
This salary is based on an assumed # of hours /week for each person (e.g., 40 hrs for Sr.Pastor, 20 for Minister of Youth, 10 for Church Admin, etc)
If they work over or under these hours, their salary remains the same;
they presumably have an understanding with their manager how to handle the delta
Hourly Means:
Independent contractors and receive a 1099 form
Staff Member Evaluation Process
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