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Ministry Mission Statements

Ministry Mission Statements



Welcoming Ministry

Mission: to provide and advocate for a friendly, safe, accessible, and inviting welcome for all members and visitors to MCC.  Membership: 5


Properties Ministry

Mission: to maintain the interior and exterior of all owned properties, ensure physical accessibility, facilitate rentals, and maintain relationships with tenants, oversee vendors and contractors, and maintain a priority list of capital improvements for all properties.   Membership: 6



Connections Ministry

Mission: to build and support meaningful relationships among diverse ages, abilities, genders, and family structures to foster a strong sense of community, within and outside of MCC.  Membership: 5


Technology Ministry

Mission: to enhance and optimize the functions of MCC and its various ministries by supporting communication through social media and the church website, institutional memory, learning, welcoming, and the worship experience.   Membership: 5


Personnel Ministry

Mission: to care for MCC’s human resources: (i.e. its staff and contractors).  Membership: 3




Mission: to coordinate all aspects of Sunday worship and oversee the ongoing spiritual needs of the congregation.   Membership: 7


Faith Exploration Ministry

Mission: to enable continuing faith-based learning for all ages. Membership: 5


Music Ministry

Mission: to provide a variety of worship-centered music opportunities for all ages both within and outside of the MCC community Membership: 3 (+ ensemble leaders, ex-officio)



Faith in Action Ministry

Mission: to serve humanity  Membership: 5


Stewardship Ministry

Mission: to provide faithful stewardship of financial resources so that the ministries of the church are appropriately funded.  Membership: 5

Ministry Mission Statements
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