Current opportunities:

Sabbatical Pastor

Position Description: Memorial Congregational Church of Sudbury, MA is seeking a pastor to lead our church while our senior/sole pastor is on sabbatical.   

Time Period:  October 2, 2022-January 8, 2023

Sabbatical Pastor Mission Statement:  To support the congregation and to help the lay leadership recognize and highlight their strengths.

Congregation Sabbatical Mission Statement: 

  • To reflect on and ACCEPT that our church and we, as individuals, have changed during these pandemic years;
  • To RE-CONNECT with each other and our faith;
  • To re-discover our MEANING as individuals and as a congregation;
  • To re-embark on living out our PURPOSE.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Worship (~ 10 hours/week)

  • Prepare, preach, and lead 10 worship services (including Christmas Eve) in collaboration with Minister of Music, Minister of Youth and Families, lay leaders, and Office Administrator.  

Pastoral Care and Staff & Lay Leadership (~ 10 hours/week)

  • Provide some pastoral care in collaboration with the Diaconate, recognizing that the time required ebbs and flows with need. Additional compensation will be given for extraordinary pastoral care situations at a rate of $40 per hour.
  • Meet with Church Council Chair(s) prior to monthly Council meetings.
  • Attend Church Council meetings.
  • Attend monthly Diaconate meetings.
  • Plan weekly staff meetings with Minister of Music, Minister of Youth and Families, Church Administrator.
  • Provide regular published on-site office hours.

Qualifications:  Candidate should be ordained and have some experience leading a congregation.


  • $650 per week for 14 weeks.

Contact:  Please submit a cover letter and resumé to Sharon Colombo at shcolombo [at] google [dot] com. We welcome the opportunity to see a video of the candidate preaching.