Some Useful and/or Interesting Online Resources about Psalm 23…
A fascinating analysis of Psalm 23 by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (video)

Young children providing their interpretations of Psalm 23

A Native American retelling of the 23rd Psalm
Psalm 23 as recited on an episode of “Lost”


A three year old Palestinian Christian girl reciting the 23 rd Psalm in Arabic with a little help from Mom

An Acapella rendition of Psalm 23 in English

Nigerian Children Dancing and singing Psalm 23 in the Igbo Language (video, English Subtitles)

Psalm 23 Sung by a Chinese Choir in Mandarin

Psalm 23 sung in Hebrew (video, with English Translation)



Psalm 23 in Afrikaans (video)


Psalm 23 – A Feminist Interpretation


Psalm 23 from the Feminist Bible