Our Mission

Inviting all on a journey of acceptance, connection, meaning, and purpose through the worship of God and the service of humanity.

Our Vision

A world fulfilling Jesus’ inclusive ministry of peace, love, and justice.

Who We Are

MCC is a friendly, safe, inviting place to come and explore your faith.  Not everyone here believes exactly that same thing – and that’s the way we like it.  When we gather together, we believe that God is still speaking to us and that we learn more about God and about ourselves when we are in community.

We are a congregation that affirms every person as a child of God and we welcome everyone — regardless of race, ethnicity, gender expression and identity, sexual orientation, age, ability or financial situation.

Every Sunday, we promise to respect our differences as we seek to discover where God is leading us.

Our Covenant (or sacred promise)

In the love of truth and in the spirit of Jesus,
we unite for the worship of God and the service of humanity,
and as the Lord’s free people,
we agree to walk together in all God’s ways
made known, or to be made known to us.

It is within this framework that we are living out our faith in this church community.


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What We Believe

We look to the Christian and Hebrew scriptures as a guide for our faith.  However, we recognize that God is still speaking to us today and we believe that each person is allowed to interpret scripture and faith freely.

Many friends find the Trinity to be a helpful model of God.

  • God the parent, Creator
  • Jesus the Christ, Redeemer, Messiah, our brother in faith and our guide.
  • The Holy Spirit, the one who sustains us throughout our lives.

God intends all of humanity to work towards creating a peaceable kingdom where are all cared for equally.

We recognize only Jesus Christ as the leader of the church and look to his ministry as an example of how we are to live.

We have received the gift of the Holy Spirit to help us in our struggles and in our everyday life.

As a Congregational Church, each member has equal say and an equal vote.