Sunday Welcome Guidelines

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Please arrive by 9:45am and wear your name tag.

Greeter (1 or more)

  • Stand just inside the main doors to the church and welcome people as they enter;
  • If you are not sure if someone is new, say “I don’t think we’ve met, my name is…” (or something similar);
  • Escort new visitors to the welcome table in the parlor – if possible – and introduce them;
  • At 9:55 am let people know the church service is beginning and that they should move to the sanctuary;
  • Remain close the parlor through the service, keep an eye on the front door for latecomers, visitors or others wandering around the building.

Welcome Table (1 or more)

  • Stand at the table in the parlor and welcome people as they enter;
  • Remind everyone to wear their name tags.  If they do not have a name tag, fill out a temporary one for them and get their information if they’d like one printed;
  • Help new visitors find the sanctuary; answer any questions they may have or find someone who can;
  • Inform visitors with young children that the nursery is available and point the way;
  • Inform school age children that they will begin in the sanctuary and will be led to Discovery Kingdom (Sunday School) later in the service.

Ushers (2 or more)

  • Turn on the microphones following the instructions in the sacristy; prior to the Prelude check to make sure that the lectern, pulpit, and 2 handheld mics are working.
  • Turn on the chancel lights. Switches are located in the parlor just outside of the sanctuary;
  • Check that the offering plates are on a stand by the front pew;
  • Light candles 10-15 minutes before the service.  Matches or lighter are in the pulpit;
  • If possible, keep the sanctuary doors closed until the choir has finished rehearsing;
  • Hand out bulletins as people enter the sanctuary;
  • Please remember to take a headcount including the choir and late-comers  during the Children’s Moment  and record the number on the chart in the Parlor kitchen, along with any news about weather, special events, etc.;
  • During the “Events,” both ushers meet at the back of the sanctuary to receive the collection.  Come forward as the music begins to get a plate.  Plates will be handed to the person seated on the center aisle, passed down the row then given to the following row and passed back. When the plate is returned to you in the center, pass it to the next row;
  • Bring the plates up to the front during the Doxology and hold them for the Prayer;
  • Return to the back of the sanctuary during the Closing Hymn and open the doors.
  • After the service: Extinguish the candles, turn off the sound system per the instructions; tidy up the pews, recycling leftover bulletins & paper, and straightening up the pew bibles, hymnals, pencils, envelopes, etc.
Sunday Welcome Guidelines