Christian Education Committee works with the Minister of Youth and Families to provide Sunday School and Youth Group and inter-generational events.

Church Growth and Development invites visitors to the church, provides a warm welcome, develops ongoing events for church members and friends.

Delegates to the Southern New England Conference United Church of Christ and the Metro Boston Association attend SNEUCC and MBA meeting to keep MCC connected to the wider church.

Diaconate (Deacons) are charged with concerning itself with the spiritual welfare of our church as well as to revitalize or give new life to the quality of Christian commitment to our members.

Flower Committee  provides flowers or plants for the altar at regular Church services and, after the services, shall distribute them according to the wishes of the donor(s).

Library Committee maintains the church library, found in the parlor.

Memorial and Gifts Committee receives and records all gifts given in memory or honor of church members and considers the appropriateness of all gifts and recommend a course of action to the Church Council.

Music Committee works with the Minister of Music to plan music for worship and organizes our annual concert series.

Nominating Committee recognizes individual gifts of lay leadership and ministry and invites church members to join committees appropriate that will best highlight their gifts.

Outreach Committee identifies areas and/or organizations particularly worthy of benevolence support, communicate its missionary concerns to the Church.

Personnel Committee acts as a liaison with paid church staff.

Stewardship Committee prepares a budget for Annual Meeting and raises the money to support it.

Trustees Committee responsible for the care, maintenance and upkeep of the church buildings and grounds.

Safe Church Committee monitors Safe Church practices throughout the church, including CORI checks.

Pastor-Parish Relations Committee  acts as an independent advisory group that seeks to support and maintain an open and healthy communication between the Pastor and members of the congregation and members of the congregation and the Pastor.